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Let's see, it's April 23rd and we've had summer, spring and now back to winter here in Alabama. I went out this morning to check on what was blooming and they didn't even want to open to have their picture made and I don't blame them. It has been a strange season here for sure and wonder how it will affect our daylilies in the coming months. Last year we had a terrible drought right in the middle of peak bloom and was devastating to see all the foliage and grass turning brown due to the unusually high heat and no rain. Right now the foliage is a beautiful blue-green color and looks wonderful. I'm enjoying the spring flowers such as iris, daisies, columbine, larkspur, etc. right now until the daylily show starts. Click on the date to the left to get a glimpse of what's blooming now.

We have over 200 newer cultivars that we have planted in the last year and they are looking great and already blooming since a lot of them came from Florida and California and still on their time. I'm enjoying taking new pics to add to the website of these newbies. We also culled through 2,000 seedlings and selected about 100 that we'll evaluate for another year and that will be interesting to see how they perform.

Yard art is slowly going out after painting, repairing and cleaning them up. This is a lot of fun and I'm always on the lookout for something new to go into the garden. My husband looks at me strangely when I bring some of this home but he's always enthusiasitic in helping me with this re-purposing.

I'm now marking over 100 cultivars that will be listed asBOGO FREE for this season. We ran out of time, energy and beds to line out plants that needed dividing so we had rather offer this deal than build new beds. Be sure to check back as we add more of these through the summer and fall.

Call or e-mail if you have any questions about our garden or would like to visit the garden. We always welcome visitors but need to know ahead of time so we can make sure we're home.

Click on the date of the newsletter to see a photo of the garden in spring.

Happy Gardening,

Becky and Morris Parr

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