How This Addiction Started

I've been growing and collecting daylilies for about 20 years and it all started when a friend passed along extra plants when she was dividing hers. I didn't really know what daylilies were except for the orange "ditch" lilies and planted them in an out of the way place and not expecting much. By the next summer when they started blooming I couldn't believe how beautiful and how hardy they were and wanted more. I started searching the internet for information and found all kinds of websites showing flowers in every color and form. I eventually found the American Hemerocallis Society website and looked to see if there was a club near me to join. After I joined the local club I was hooked and so my garden grew.

When I met my husband, Morris, he told me that he grew daylilies and had both colors...yellow and orange! I invited him to a club meeting and it only took one auction to get him excited and bidding and little did he know what he was getting into. Together we have worked for the past 12 years to build this garden by adding a waterfall and pond, numerous raised beds surrounded by natural rock, railroad ties and variegated liriope, beds with perennials and annuals to enhance the natural beauty of the sloping lawn surrounded by tall pine trees.

We opened our garden 10 years ago to the public for sales and the reaction of the guests as they walked into the garden was incredible as they had no idea that all of this beauty was hidden behind our house. The name Dancing Daylily came from our two favorite things to do...ballroom dance and working in our daylily garden. So sometimes you might catch us listening to our favorite music and doing a swing or rumba among the daylilies.

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