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Dancing Daylily Garden
home of Becky and Morris Parr located near Birmingham, Alabama. We currently grow over 1,100 different cultivars in our 2 acre garden in zone 7 where our peak bloom starts the beginning of June.

Whew! What a wild and wonderful season we've had this season. I don't know what made the blooms bigger, more vibrant and so much rebloom but I'm not complaining. We had to open the garden in mid-May due to early bloom and the garden is still full of blooms but sadly it's time to close the garden for the season. We enjoyed seeing our old friends and made a lot of new ones!

We have finally finished trimming foliage and making a new inventory list for our Fall Clump sale. Please have a look and share with your friends. I will begin shipping the first week of September and try to finish up by the end of September. Send me a list of ones you are interested in and I will check availability because some of these are limited. The plants have done well with all of the rain we've received and we believe you will be pleased with your purchase. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks to all of our repeat customers and looking forward to another year. We appreciate your interest in our garden and hope to see you soon.

Dancing Daylily Garden
is an AHS Display garden.

Thank you,

Becky and Morris Parr
4353 So Shades Crest Rd
Bessemer, AL 35022

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