Welcome to Dancing Daylily Garden home of Becky and Morris Parr located near Birmingham, Alabama. We currently grow over 700 different cultivars in our 2 acre garden in zone 7 where our peak bloom starts mid-May.

I have finished updating the website and prices were dropping everywhere plus I've added a lot of newer ones (to me) that have been on display or held for increase. Even though it may say double fan in the description I like to send extra fans (when available) instead of bonus plants. That way you will have a nice clump to get started or share with friends.

Please check back here nearing April because I'm not sure what will be happening this spring when the daylilies are blooming and I usually open the garden to visitors. We missed a lot of our regular garden visitors last year due to Covid and who knows what will be happening by May. We're trying to decide if we open on Saturdays, just have appointments or e-mail your order and pick up.

I'll start shipping again in April (weather permitting). You can e-mail your wish lists for this spring to hold them.

We appreciate your interest in our garden and hope to see you again soon.

Hurry Spring!

Becky and Morris Parr
4353 So Shades Crest Rd
Bessemer, AL 35022

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